Air Centurion Insurance Services

Case Study: Air Centurion Insurance Services


As a new company, Air Centurion Insurance Services needed business systems and infrastructure to support heir business model. Topa Topa Technology Group provided all infrastructure hardware, software platforms and security tools to start processing insurance services.

Air Centurion Air Centurion Insurance Services provides the aviation industry with insurance products that are custom designed for each client based on their specific exposures. With a desire to help our insureds and brokers is our prime motivator while still focusing on bottomline results for our insurance carrier partners. Air Centurion was a new start up and required the setup and implementation of all business technology services from email to document collaboration as well as security devices and business systems.


Our solution

As a new business, Air Centurion required the necessary hardware infrastructure to support their business operations.
We scoped and procured all hardware systems including Network/Firewall, Business PC's and Laptops, Printers and Network Storage devices.
With no internal IT Resources, Air Centurion required IT Support and Remote Help Desk support. They also wanted to take a "Proactive" approach with their internal IT systems so they wouldn't be stuck in a "Break/Fix" scenario with no support.
We put them on our "Proactive Management" service plan and put all infrastructure hardware on our Remote Management and Monitoring platform along with Security Software and Patch Management.
With staff working at their main office and off-site as well as frequent travel, Air Centurion required the ability to access their business documents in secure and efficient way without having to connect to the main office every time they needed access.
After initially setting up and using Network Attached Storage (NAS) at the main office, we moved their business documentation to a Cloud Based Collaboration platform so they could access their business documents anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Successfully rolled out all business Networks, PC’s, Laptops and Storage solutions along with provisioning all systems on our Remote Management and Monitoring platform with Security and Patch Management. Remote Support is just an email or phone call away.
New Business Systems
Scoped and Procured all business systems including network hardware (Firewalls, Network Switches), Business PC's, Laptops, Printers, Servers and Storage. Setup and Configuration of all business systems to begin business operations including Internet Services, User Authentication and Security Roles.
Proactive Management Program
- Customized solution to best support business needs
- Initial project to stabilize and baseline IT resources
- Remote and onsite maintenance services
- Comprehensive reporting, analysis and consultation
- Greater transparency into IT performance, trends and planning
- 24x7 performance monitoring of your key devices, applications and IT resources
Document Accessibility & Collaboration
- Setup Microsoft 365 for their OneDrive and Sharepoint services
- Migrated all business documents from "on-premises" Network Shares to Sharepoint Groups
- Configured Security Roles for User Access
- Synchronized Sharepoint Groups to User PC's and Laptops