Metson Marine Services

Case Study: Metson Marine Services


Topa Topa Technology Group provides Business Solutions along with complete Managed IT Services including infrastructure, network, and business software systems.

Metson Marine Services provides ocean transportation, vessel operations, and ocean environmental services for commercial and DOD contracts. They required Full Management and Monitoring services for their entire infrastructure and software systems at their headquarters location and remote offices around the U.S.


Our solution

Metson Marine Services wanted to move from "in house" IT Services to a "Managed IT Services" model to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.
We started with our "Proactive Management Service" plan and gradually moved to implementing our "Fully Managed Service" plan to manage all aspects of their IT Infrastructure, business systems and core networks. This also included our complete security suite which replaced their existing in house Anti-Virus product.
Existing backup infrastructure was "On Premises" and backing up files to a standalone backup device with data cartridges. Data cartridges needed to be replaced each night and manually taken off-site for data protection.
Moved all "On Premises" backup procedures to our "Managed Backup + Recovery" service running "Continuous" backups every 4 hours and sending data "Off-Site" to cloud storage for rapid backup & recovery.
Company Documents were being stored on Windows Shares on in house servers with limited access from branch offices or outside systems when staff was traveling or working from home.
Using Microsoft Teamsites and Sharepoint Groups, we moved all company files to Cloud-based storage and implemented security constraints based on access requirements. Now users were able to see and retrieve their files on any device at any location and collaborate in ways that were not previously possible.


Increased Collaboration and Efficiency, Reliable Data Security, and a Managed IT Services platform to Proactively keep their systems up and running.
Fully Managed Program
- Customized solution to best support your business needs
- Initial project to stabilize and baseline IT resources
- Remote and onsite maintenance services
- Comprehensive reporting, analysis and consultation
- Greater transparency into IT performance, trends and planning
- 24x7 performance monitoring of your key devices, applications and IT resources
Managed Backup + Recovery
- Shorter backup windows
- Send less data
- Hybrid backup
- Faster restores
- Full disaster recovery
- Multiple copies of your data in multiple locations
Project: Sharepoint Groups
Utilize Sharepoint Groups / Cloud Storage to relocate local Windows Shares for greater collaboration and accessibility and a unified document storage model across any device and any location.
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